Baby Bitcoin

{White paper}

Decentralized publishing

Blockchain Games

Decentralized Lottery Dapps Dweb Application

NFT Tokens Release

Bitcoin Coverage

Backgammon Dapps Dweb Application Online game and Full Decentralized

Buy Back & Burning

Car Racing Blockchain Game

Helping smaller companies

For Hodling

Help Bitcoin In Hard Times

Desensitized exchange

List in large exchanges

Marketing and community formation

Making popular blockchain games

DAO BabyBitcoin System

Community Voting Program

Total supply of babyBitcoin

Pre-Sale :

Low market cap.
Babybitcoin for all


Burns from each transaction



Q3 & Q4 2022
1- Website launched 🟢
2- Pre-Sale Started – 20% Of BabyBitcoin 42.000.000 Amount 🟢🧭
3- Liquidity Add To Pancakeswap & Be listed🔴
4- List On Coinmarketcap & Coin gecko 🔴
5- 5,000 Members On Telegram Group 🔴
6- List On TrustWallet & Metamsk (see price)🔴
7- Starting to build Decentralized Lottery Dapps Dweb Application With BBTC🔴
8- Token Burning Program Step 1 🔴
9- Web Marketing & To Be Recognized 🔴
10- Buy & Hodl Bitcoin To Support BBTC Community 🔴
11- Holder up to 50,000 🔴
12-Start Building Backgammon Blockchain Game With BBTC 🔴
13- Backgammon game app run on Blockchain with BabyBitcoin 🔴
14- Activities & Official Conference About BabyBitcoin goals to introduce to the world 🔴
15- 70.000 member on telegram group 🔴
16- Buy and hold more Bitcoin to support the BabyBitcoin community 🔴
Q1 & Q2 2023
17- Token Burning Program Step 2 🔴
18- Android app and iPhone app backgammon game Blockchain 🔴
19- Hodlers up to 150,000 🔴
20- New Website Running 🔴
21- Listing in Large and Known dex & cex exchanges 🔴
22- Token Burning Program Step 3 🔴
23- Decentralized Lottery Dapps Dweb Application V2 🔴
24- Buy & hodl More Bitcoin to Support BabyBitCoin community 🔴
25- Token Burning Program Step 4 🔴
26- Increase Social marketing
27- Community Voting Program 🔴
28- Market Cap Growth to 100 M 🔴
29- decentralized exchange & swap app 🔴
30- DAO system for community 🔴
31- opens Official office in Dubai 🔴
32- Token Burning Program Step 5 🔴
33- New and popular blockchain game & design
✔️Roadmap Will Be Updated…✔️

* Clarify subject

After the pre-sale phase is finished ،
In order for the token issue to be clear for the community ، We’ll give all of the following addresses to the public :

-Advertising wallet address

-Listing in exchanges wallet address

-Wallet Address Decentralized Lottery Dapps Dweb Application With BBTC

-Backgammon Game wallet address

-PancakeSwap Liquidity Wallet Address

-Purchase Bitcoin wallet address and Bitcoin support

We will notify users of all the details.

* Notes

I know there was a lot of fraud in cryptocurrencies
And a lot of people tried to go the wrong way The cryptocurrency community and the principles of Bitcoin were betrayed.
I swear to always manage with the transparency of the BabyBitcoin project And never betray the cryptocurrency community.
We have a very big goal ahead of us.But together we will achieve everything.
We succeed with empathy. I swear I will never scam.
I swear this is a real project for our lives.
I swear I’m the right leader for a society.
Together we will be a civilized society.
Thank you all ladies and gentlemen
Saeed zare
Co-Creator of babyBitcoin